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6th Squadron (Air) 17th Cavalry

Task Force 49

6th 17th US Cavalry website

f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)New 6th Sqd 17th Cav f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6th 17th to support USARAK
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)New 6th Sqd 17th Cav OH-58D Kiowa ride  f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6th 17th Cavalry makes it move
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Activation Pictures   6th 17th Cavalry f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6th 17th Cavalry OH58 Kiowa Warrior
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6th 17th Cavalry Coin f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Newspaper Article 6th17th Cavalry
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6th 17th Spurs, Stetson f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6th 17th D Troop Soldier wins SOY of the year
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Order of St George Induction Ceremony f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Arctic OH-58DRs enroute to support LFX w/ 1-24 IN
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6-17th Deployment Ceremony f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Task Force Saber Deploy to Iraq 
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6-17th Covering Troops 6 f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Lost Troopers
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Welcome Home f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Aviators honored
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6/17th Cavalry returns to Ft Wainwright  
F Troop 6th 17th Activation f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Visit to 6th 17th Cavalry


Uncasing the colors LTC Scott Brown 6th Sqdn 17th Cavalry Commander

At Fort Wainwright AK.


Change of Command 6th 17th US Cavalry


B Troop 6/17th 58D flying cover for F Troop 6/17th


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Unit Crest

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