Photos from 2001 Reunion Gettysburg PA.

Bob Decker and the Troop guidon

Sgt Miller and Travers

Abe Lincoln pays a visit to the 196th.

Sgt and Liesel Miller

Ron and Judy Dinsmore

Sgt Miller and Wifes of F Troop members

Charles and Mrs. Fries

F troop eating dinner

Nancy Sortore, Liesel Miller and Judy Kruger.

Nancy Sortore, Liesel Miller , Judy Kruger and Judy Dinsmore.

Bob Decker and Dave Sortore

F troop members at the pool.

F troop members.

F troop members 30 years later.

Bob Janicek displays the F troop guidon.

Ron Dinsmore, Roscoe Cartwright CO 70-71, and Dick Kruger.

F troop eating again?

Bob Decker
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