196 LIB License Plate Frames

196 LIB License Plate Frames

Thank you for your interest in the 196 LIB License Plate Frames. I've
finally got the information everyone was asking for.

The frames are plastic and come in 2 styles. (Photos below)

PATRIOTIC - $16 + $4 shipping.

BLACK W/WHITE LETTERING - $12 + $4 shipping. This one also available as
motorcycle size - same price.

One More Option - Black can be more customized for additional $2: Top line:
"F Troop, 17th Cavalry, 196 LIB" Bottom Line "Vietnam Veteran"

Patriotic frame can have CIB, CMB, 196 Pin (patch), F Troop Crest, personal
medal, etc attached. The F Troop crest is $8 and all others are $4 ea.
Black plastic just doesn't have the room.

Also, the black license plate frames are now available with pins attached
(CIB, Bronze Star, etc. However, the crossed sabres w/17 will NOT fit).

If you want a frame, please reply by e-mail before sending in your check so
that I can get started on your order. Be sure to let me know WHICH ONE you
want!!! And how you want it.

Make checks payable to: Richard Mosher.

Send to:
99 N. Delany Rd.
Gurnee, IL 60031

Thank you all and HAPPY VETERANS" DAY!!!

Warmest wishes,

Rich ("Doc") Mosher
1st Platoon, F Troop 17th Cav-1968
196th LIB 1967-68
Email Doc Mosher


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Doc on LZ Blady

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New Item

Also have an F Troop polo shirt.  M-XL is $30 and 2X & 3X is $35.  Only comes in white. Shipping 1 polo is $5, shipping 2 is $8



17th Cav 3" patch.  $6.  If shipped alone, I'll absorb the shipping cost.  If shipped with other items, there would be no additional shipping cost.




Also had a "rocker" patch for F Troop made up.  I've been putting them on the back of a cap but they can be attached to most any article of clothing.

 Cost is $5 and I can put it on a cap at no charge.  If the patch is shipped alone, I'll absorb the shipping cost.  If shipped with other items, there would be no additional shipping cost. 


OD patrol cap is available (pip attached).  Caps are now $18 and shipping $5 .

Cost is $15 each + $5 shipping. Add $1 more in shipping for each cap over the first
(to the same address). E.g. Shipping 4 caps is $5+$3=$8.


Cav hat $35. + $5. for 17th Cav pin shipping $7-8

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Other items for sale contact Doc for cost and shipping.

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17th Cav. Crest
$8.00 EA +Shipping

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