This page is dedicated to all the F Troopers who have
joined their F Troop brothers who gave the ultimate.

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F Troopers 17th Cavalry

Rest In Peace

Last Post

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Come home! Come home! The last post is sounding
for you to hear. All good soldiers know very well there
is nothing to fear while they do what is right, and forget
all the worries they have met in their duties through the
year. A soldier cannot always be great, but he can be a
gentleman and he can be a right good pal to his comrades in
his squad. So all you soldiers listen to this – Deal fair by all
and you’ll never be amiss.

Be Brave! Be Just! Be Honest and True Men!

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Updated 11/05/2021
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Jim Sursely
Name                               Date                                  Home State                Year in Viet Nam 
Dave Morris 20 June 2005 Essex CT 1966 - 67
John Depew 23 Nov 2003 Reading PA 1966 - 67
Clyde Roan * 3 June 1996 Clearwater FL 1965 - 67
Dan Torenson
Bill Rosenthal
Jerry Cox 1995 Loris SC 1966-67
Jerry Buchanan 1999 Smithfield VA
Robert Sives 21 Oct 2002 Sumerville IN 1966-67
Ron Davis 11 Oct 2005 Fountain City, IN
Paul M. Martinetti 9 Sept 1998 Milwaukee WI 1966-67
Hal Turner Metroplis Il 1966-67
Gary Potter 7 Oct 1984 1968-69
George Lee Spivey 9 Aug 2003 1967-68
Eugene Rommel 14 Jan 2006 Ocean Shores WA 1966-67
Robert Thomason 2005   1970
Ron Dixon 17 May 2009 Davisville WV 1966-67
William Kachelmyer 5 July 2009 University Place, WA 1966-67
Charles E. Tighe JR 2006 Rivervale NJ 1966-67
James W Hale Jr 2 September 2010 Elizabethtown KY  
Ronald L. Bowen September 2010    
Duane J. Zenter 1978 Mott ND  
Robert H. Kallenbach Jr 1993    
Gene C. Bass 2003   1969
Harvey Sexton 1996   1968-69
John J. Plisitz 1991    
Charles M. Hanus 2009    
John Cooper 2008 FL 1968-69
Gary W. Marin 2008   1969-70
Jerry M. Buchanan 2005   1968-69
Lowery C. Coleman 2010 AR  
Jerry E. Ernst 1996 IN  
Alan L. Jansma 1981 NY 1968-1969
Alfred Hill 2004 SC  
George S Middleton 2010    
Ronald S. Beck 2009    
Harold D. Winger 2008    
Charles Ramsey 1988   1969-1970
Roy S. Parsons 2001    
Donald "Don" E. Ramser 2011   1968-1969
Michael P. Sampey 2009    
William W. Moore September 2010 TN 1970-1971
Jeffery M. Hartline 2006 TN  
Richard Miller May 2012 East Lansing, MI 1965-1967
Ronnie E. Hammock      
Calvin L. Littleton      
Ronald G. Knott March 2008 Clyde OH 1965-1967
Ronald L. Brown September 2009    
David L. Bush April 6 20112 Watertown NY 1966-1967
Donald Leroy Oldes August 17 2012 Colorado Springs CO 1969-1970
Jerry A. MCCready   Albany GA 1969-1970
Phil Travers October 2011   1965-1967
Steven C. Anton January 2013   1969-1970
Terry R "Tex" Conner   Gainesville TX 1969-1970
Herman Pena      
David J. Fangrow     1968-1969
Donald Hines December 2012   1970-1971
Robert (Bob) D. Mensing


Lake Havasu AZ 1969-1970
Larry W. Tackett      
Wade Tabor 2013 FL 1970
Danny Jones 2013 Greenfield TN 1969-1970
John Onofryton July 21, 2013   1969-1970
Theodore Zeller February 8, 2014 Cincinnati OH 1968-1969
Gene C. Bass      
Gary P Hargrove      
Dennis Earl Joy      
John H. Wood      
Richard Krueger May 31, 2014 Neenah WI 1965-1967
Charles G. Fries III March 2, 2013 Independence MO 1967-1968
Ron Ruthenberg June 27, 2014 Cumberland MD 1965-1967
Daniel Kociszewski July 16 2014 Buffalo NY 1965-1967
Carl Barger November 6 2014   1969-1970
William E. "Billy" Crank November 30 2014 Richmond VA 1966-1667
Wilbert  Leger December 30 2014 Lake Charles LA 1965-1967
Donald E. Woznick February 10, 2015 Denver CO 1968-1969
John "Little John" Hingle April 20 2015   1969-1971
Charles F. Rhodes August 2 2015 Marcellus MI  1970-1971
Thomas L. Rodgers September 15, 2015 Hodges AL 1969-1970
Arnie Bakken November 2015 Iowa 1967-1968
Sam Benavides May 13 2016 Mukwonago, WI 1965-1967
Larry Bynum May 13 2016   1968-1969
Larry Compton January 23, 2017 Toledo. Ohio 1969-1970
Mike Shannahan January 26, 2017 Harrison Twp MI 1969-1970
Christopher G "The Dog" Wendler December 10, 2017 Dallas Tx 1967-1969
Ron Walquist January 11, 2018 Idaho Falls ID 1966-1967
Ken Gaffney May 27 2018 Hope RI 1965-1967
Dudley Thiel   Sidney MT 1969
Joe Young January 19, 2019   1967-1968
Jim Disney December 27, 2018 Stanford KY 1968-1969
Michael Davey October 9, 2017   1968-1969
Ken Kokemueller September 11,2019 Milwaukee WI 1965-1966
Charles Garefino June 28, 2019 Shawano WI 1968-1969
Tom Fox January 1, 2020 Milwaukee WI 1965-1967
Henry Smith 2018 Milwaukee WI 1965-1967
David "Doc" Creviston February 17, 2020 Medic from 23rd Med 1969-1970
Ron Russell June 18, 2020 Battle Creek MI 1969-1970
Dale Harden July 28, 2020   1969-1970
Joe Corona September 5, 2020   1967-1968
Derad Kirklin September 15, 2007   1967-1968
Jim Sursely May 30, 2021 Minnesota 1967-1968
Gary (Doc) McKnight November 5, 2021 New York 1969-1970

Origin of "The Last Post"

The Last Post is one of a number of bugle calls in military tradition which mark the phases of the day. Where "Reveille" signaled the start of a soldier's day, the "Last Post" signaled its end. It is believed originally to have been part of a more elaborate routine, known in the British Army as "tattoo", that had its origins in the 17th century. During the evening, a duty officer had to do the rounds of his unit's position, checking that the sentry posts were manned and rounding up the off-duty soldiers and packing them off to their beds or billets. He would be accompanied by one or more musicians.

The "first post" was sounded when the duty officer started his rounds and, as the party proceeded from post to post, a drum was played. The drum beats told off-duty soldiers it was time to rest - if the soldiers were billeted in a town, the beats told them it was time to quit the pubs. "Tattoo" is a derivation of doe den tap toe, Dutch for "turn off the taps", a call which is said to have followed the drum beats in many a Dutch pub while English armies were campaigning through Holland and Flanders in the 1690s. (It is also from this routine that American practice of "taps" or "drum taps" originated.)

Another bugle call was sounded when the party completed their rounds, when they reached the "last post": this signaled the night sentries were alert at their posts and gave one last warning to any soldiers still at large that it was time to retire for the evening. "Last Post" was incorporated into funeral and memorial services as a final farewell and symbolises that the duty of the dead is over and that they can rest in peace.

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