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Tay Ninh Aug 66 - May 67
Chu Lai Jun 67 - Oct 67
Tam Ky Nov 67 - Mar 68
Phong Dien Apr 68 - May 68
Hoi An May 68 - Jun 68
Chu Lai Jul 68 - Mar 71
Da Nang Apr 71 - Jun 72

The last US ground Cavalry unit to conduct operations was
Troop F, 17th Cavalry. which departed RVN in June 1972.

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F Troop Guidon dating back to 1966 Courtesy LT Angus Macaulay




Bob Decker& Dave Sortore

 Lt. Ron Mattioli 3rd Plt Ldr

Lt Mattioli near Cambodia Border

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The Gang

The book covers F Troop 17th Cavalry from its Inception through approximately 1972. 
 There are also two chapters on the reflagging of F Troop to 6th Squadron, 17th cavalry.
Written By Michael Keegan Click here to order

Nguyen Hoai Quang

Big Day in Tay Ninh

Video with Jim Sursley

  I have attached an article from the December issue of the DAV Magazine about mentorship. In the photo sitting front row from right F Troop's own Jim Sursely.  Jim is always busy with the DAV and alwjimsurely/Jim Surays does a great job. We are proud of. This article provided by Dave Mitin, also an F Trooper

6/17th Cavalry Face book page




A Veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve - is someone who,
at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable
"The United States of America", for an amount of "up to and including
my life."

That is honor, and there are way too many people
in this country who no
longer understand it.

-- Author Unknown

Book by former F Trooper Dennis Daniels 359 AND A WAKE-UP


f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes) f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Commanding Officers 65-72

f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Book by Dennis Daniels
359 AND A Wake-UP

f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes) f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Combat Losses f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Feb 20th 1970 Battle News Articles
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Photos f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Last Post Deceased Troopers Post Nam f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Reports
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Angus Macaulay Painting f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Roster of F Troop 66-67 f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Unit History 65-67
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Park Named after Dennis Murray     f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Store f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Motor Pool named for Ronnie L. Adams
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Lineage & Honors & Campaigns   f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)What is a Veteran f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Newspaper Article about Ronnie L. Adams
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Roster 66-72 f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes) f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Passing the Baton
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Combat Reports f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Cavalry Song f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Visit to 6th 17th US Cavalry
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)17Th Cavalry Regiment f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)17th Cavalry Regiment 1916 f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Group Photo 1965
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Larry Sweet & F Troop Helmet f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)2007 Reunion Group Photo f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6-17th Deployment Ceremony
F Troop in Talifar Iraq F Troop at work in Iraq  f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Task Force Saber Deploy to Iraq 
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes) 6-17th Covering Troop "6" f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)History of F Troop Book f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6/17th Lost Troopers
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)I Want To Be In The Cavalry Song f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Tay Ninh base camp today Google Map f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F troop Band of Brothers meeting
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Capt Roscoe Cartwright Honored f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Bridge Named for Richard A. Likely f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)17th Cavalry Regiments'
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Trooper Awards Silver & Bronze Star f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Dave Bush Commission f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop History 1965-1972
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes) f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Welcome Home f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)6/17th returns to Ft Wainwright
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Big Day in Tay Ninh f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)25th Div Tropic Lightning News 1967 f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)196th Lt Inf Bde Viet Nam
f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Prayer f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)Passing of Col Murray 196th Bde XO f-17flag.jpg (2216 bytes)F Troop Coin





B Troop 6/17th 58D flying cover for F Troop 6/17th




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 6th 17th US Cavalry

F Troop 6th 17th Cavalry



Taz Noise art

Taz at WAR



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