Larry E. Sweet

This page is about a Daughter's love for her father.


All Gave Some

Some Gave All

I cannot describe the range of emotions I encountered when I was given the opportunity to

design a commemorative Vietnam helmet in honor of my father.  It may just be a helmet to some,

but to me it is a loving tribute to my father, and all who have ever served this great country.


I still am searching for combination of words that adequately expresses the effect my father's

death had on my family, and on me.  Thirty-seven years ago my father gave me life, and seven

months later he gave his life for a cause greater than I will ever be able to warp my mind around.


I am one of 20,000 children who lost their fathers in Vietnam.  I am a grown woman, and

a mother of three, but there is a part of me that is still waiting for my daddy to come home.


In so many ways I have been blessed.  I have befriend several of the men who served

with my father.   I have a bond with them that can't be explained.  These Vietnam Veterans

have helped me make peace with my father's death, and the once in a lifetime trip I took

to Vietnam in 2003, helped me make peace with a nation and it's people.


Daddy I love you and I will always miss you - Your daughter, Candy Sweet Thomas


The Design

The green, yellow and red colors are the colors on the Vietnam Service Medal.

The eagle is a replica of the decal used on Army helmets during the Vietnam War.

The words on the banner have been changed to "Welcome Home".

Insignia from Larry Sweet's troop have been incorporated into the design.

F-Troop * 17th Calvary * 196 light Infantry Brigade * Americal Division




 The helmet will be available at participating dealers July/August. The website for fulmer is
to locate a dealer. My cell phone is 901.461.3694 if there are problems getting the helmet.

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